Our production

We founded Bock Studios in 2020 because we are product people. It is the product - the design, the material, the construction, the craft - that drives us. We deliberately do not work with large factories in Asia that manufacture a wide range of items in large quantities. We prefer to work with product specialists who operate in areas where the skills and traditions for that particular product have been developed for centuries.

That is why we work with German textile design experts who have excellent contacts in numerous factories in Europe and ensure that we find the best locations for our production.

 Our factory near Porto, Portugal

For our cotton t-shirts and sweaters, we have chosen Portugal, where the textile industry has a long tradition. Our partner is located near Porto, where not only the fabrics are made according to our specifications, but all parts are also sewn together. In this way we can ensure that all manufacturing processes are as transparent and traceable as possible.

 A seamstress sews a shirt together